A pandemic’s impact on how hospitals must start thinking about technology

It’s no secret the coronavirus pandemic has created many uncertainties within healthcare, but one thing is clear: mobile patient-care technology is one of the best tools hospitals are utilizing to help meet the extraordinary demands they are facing today and in the future.

Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal (June 8th, 2020) spoke with hospitals from across the country about how they are planning to further utilize technology within every stage of their patient care process.  From check-in to follow-up, healthcare providers are investing in technology to develop more effective treatments and efficient procedures that improve the level of both safety and communication between doctors and patients.

It’s still hard to imagine that COVID-19 will someday be a thing of the past, but its impact has forever changed how hospitals must think about their use of technology to deliver patient care.  And while the challenges of tomorrow are still unknown, there is a certainty among most healthcare providers that those who dedicate time and resources into a strategic and purposeful technology roadmap will be better prepared to meet the conventional and occasionally exceptional needs of their patients.