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Tim Cook Offers A Glimpse Of Apple’s Healthcare Future – MedCity News

Tim Cook offers a glimpse of Apple’s healthcare future – MedCity News

I love Apple. I am truly a fan boy. That said, in the near and for the foreseeable future everyone in Healthcare should ease back on their push too far into the Apple sphere of influence. It’s a terrible model right now and this is one of the most painful posts I have ever had to make.

#1 – Apple is approaching healthcare with a very proprietary approach that all of of us who live in this world every day detest passionately. They are not open, and they are not even close.

#2 – Apple owns <50% market share for patients (and is trending down) and they don’t really participate in any web experiences. In trying to reach as large an audience as possible they are not presenting viable solutions.

#3 – Apple’s costs are going the wrong way very quickly. They actually fit the rising costs of healthcare perfectly, but that’s also bad for all of us. Hardware should be getting cheaper – not tripling.

As Apple prepares to pull the wraps off the latest model of its iPhone tomorrow, CEO Tim Cook touched on the company’s different approaches to healthcare and how that will factor into the future of the company in an interview with Fortune.

Source: Tim Cook offers a glimpse of Apple’s healthcare future – MedCity News

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