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Learn more about the Duet Health healthcare platform.

Duet Health was created to solve a problem

The right technology can make a big difference. Deploying easily and effectively, the Duet Health platform is designed for the next generation of healthcare. Our patient engagement model is proven to reduce readmissions, collect patient-recorded data and outcomes, and empower patients to take a more active role in their own care.

80 percent of what physicians tell their patients is forgotten by the time they reach the parking lot – and half of what they do remember is incorrect. To succeed today, hospitals and providers must take care of the patient every step of the way and patient management software is central to solving this challenge.

DuetPatient Patient Management Software

  • Use surveys and provide patient feedback.
  • Track patient-recorded data and outcomes.
  • Learn from focused patient education videos, podcasts, images, and text.
  • Record care, nutrition, activity, and therapy in journals.
  • Intelligent notifications and reminders.
  • Advanced messaging.
  • Care team information.
  • Location information.
  • Care-focused timelines.
  • Time and event-based options.

Many Customizable Features

Client Branded, Patient Personalized
High-Impact Content
Device-Agnostic Programming
Patient-Reported Data & Outcomes
Notifications, Reminders, Alerts, and Messaging
Enterprise Control Center & Client Management Portal
User Intelligence Center
Health Record Integration for Developers


Mt. Carmel is using the Duet Patient platform to prevent readmission by having patients fill out daily care journals to keep care team members informed of their well-being.

Learn more about the Duet Health healthcare platform.
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