How a Patient Engagement Platform Can Help Achieve Healthcare’s Triple Aim

Learn how Duet’s award-winning patient engagement platform is focused on achieving healthcare’s triple aim: a better patient experience, better outcomes, and lower costs.


In today’s world of population health, the patient is the center of the universe. Effective communication is more important than ever and should be tied to better health and financial outcomes.

The trouble is, 80% of what doctors tell patients is forgotten by the time they reach the parking lot. And it’s hard to deliver care without knowing how patients are feeling.

To succeed in this environment, hospitals and providers must adopt new strategies of engaging the modern patient.

At Duet Health, our job is to engage patients and provide measurable ROI for our clients. Duet Health’s patient engagement software has been proven to reduce readmissions, collect patient-recorded data and outcomes, and extend communication through all phases of the continuum of care – creating immediate ROI.

Our software helps ensure patients are on time, prepared, and ‘pre-habbed’ for more successful procedures. Patients have convenient access to educational information and a timeline of what’s next in their care.

Readmissions are prevented by having real-time feedback from patients and being alerted when things aren’t going well. Effective education and communication are essential for enhanced recovery after surgery to be successful.

Patients can track their progress with care journals.

Doctors can spend time with patients who need their help the most and coordinate care and better organize information collected from the patient and family.

Our platform is designed for the next generation of healthcare – deploying easily and effectively for all types of care, providing patients and families with personalized care, and scalable for enterprise.

The right technology can make all the difference.

Patients are empowered to take a more active role in their own care and enjoy a simpler path to better health.

Physicians are empowered to operate more efficiently, work smarter, save a lot of money, and have a better strategy for the future of patient engagement.

Find out what Duet Health clients across the country already know.