Matriculating the ball down the field

You gotta move the chains. “Matriculate the ball down the field”. It doesn’t have to make sense, it’s football.

Getting first down after first down to move toward scoring a touchdown is exactly the way new businesses and mature ones should be viewing their businesses. Too many people in the business aren’t focused on advancing the ball down the field with everything they do. They get one or two yards every play and don’t realize all they are doing is setting up punting situations and then playing defense. Many others are trying to throw long passes they cannot connect on. Find ways to continually advance and move closer and closer to your goals.

As a technology company leader I am continually focused on trying to help our people get first downs. When line up enough of them in a row we will get that touchdown we are seeking. Then we will line it up and do it again.

Steve ¬†Sabol, who helped his father, Ed, found NFL Films in 1962, sat down with The Times’ Sam Farmer in 2010 and shared some of his behind-the-scenes Super Bowl stories. Sabol passed away in September 2012.

Source: Wild Super Bowl stories from Steve Sabol: ‘Matriculating the ball down the field’ – LA Times