A conversation with Duet Health CTO Nicole Jackson on collaboration.

“We are innovators.  We build scalable solutions that anticipate gaps that others don’t see.”

If you ever have the opportunity to work with Duet Health CTO Nicole Jackson in person, be sure to leave your ego at the door.  “It’s not personal, we just believe in the value of open and honest dialogue around problem-solving.”  And while many technology companies adhere to a “radical candor” form of internal communication, Nicole gives us a brief glimpse into Duet’s creative process and why it’s integral to the success of not only Duet, but their clients as well.

“We believe in the value of creative conflict.  Just as the Wright Brothers famously argued both sides of all of their proposed ideas, we practice a similar method internally.  Our team will evaluate a problem collectively and individually and allow other people around them to challenge their assumptions.  That’s how we build quickly, and that’s how we build best.”

Creating a work environment like this is no easy task, however.  It requires a measured and disciplined approach to achieving common goals amongst the team members that adheres to Duet’s four pillars of software engineering and design.  They are:

  • Mindfulness
  • Patience
  • Vigor
  • Self-Driven

These four tenants, Nicole tells us, are imperative to creating an open and collaborative environment that emphasizes personal accountability and communication among everyone at Duet Health.  “Our (Duet) approach to software engineering is Problem-Finding and Problem-Solving Concurrently. We are looking to the market to understand what the market needs, but we’re also looking for problems that the market doesn’t necessarily see. “

But these four tenants are much less effective without the most important characteristic Nicole looks for in not only Duet employees, but herself as well.  It is critical that every single team member embraces the idea that while they may be an expert right now, they won’t be very soon, so it is imperative for individuals understand they need to learn how to learn in order to contribute to the technology changes of the future.  This ability to consistently consider new and opposing ideas are integral to Duet’s ability to not only evolve with changing technology and market landscapes, but to do so efficiently and effectively for Duet’s client’s and ultimately, their patients.

What’s perhaps most impressive about what Nicole shared with us is that all of this knowledge accumulation and experience is singularly dedicated to healthcare technology.  Duet’s team has decades of domain expertise within the healthcare technology industry that serves to not only enhance but amplify the efficacy of patient care for healthcare providers both today and for years to come.