The Importance of Asking Questions

I am still struck every week by the amount of people that work around technology and have no clue how it works – and are not trying to learn. This directly leads to incredibly poor decision making because this technology is often now your biggest investment and your operational model. You don’t have to know every 1 and 0, but you had better know why.

You might feel stupid to really push your technology leaders to explain to you in layman’s terms why they are making the decisions they are, but that is a better option that finding out later the negative effects these choices have had on your business. Routinely ask questions and really press firmly into why and how on a regular basis so you can build a foundation of understanding. A great technology leader is a partner to the business and should be able to present to their decision making in terms parallel to your own so everyone is speaking the same language.

Source: LinkedIn: The Importance of Asking Questions