EHR Integration

Your consumer patient engagement strategy has to include the seamless connectivity to your electronic health record – let us show you how it can be done well.

Inaugural class (2017), Epic App Orchard

Many of our Health System and Children’s Hospital clients utilize Epic Software as their health record so Duet decided to strategically align with Epic’s partner program. As an Epic App Orchard Program Member, we are helping our clients leverage the opportunities of their existing assets and create longitudinal data streams that provide extended value from parallel programs – giving your organization and your patients a superior digital experience.

Today's Health Record Solutions Leaders

We have become Epic’s MyChart subject matter experts, but we aren’t stopping there. Talk with us about where we are in the roadmap with your EHR solution provider.

Activating your Patients

Unlock the power of your EHR by positioning it alongside all the other important aspects of the patient consumer experience. Instead of 5 average patient consumer experience apps, we can deliver you one truly great one.

Harnessing the Potential

To your patient, the consumer experience is a lot more than just the EHR. But those features your have in the EHR need to shine through because they will differentiate you to your patient.

Features we are extending: