Duet Health Launches Patient Intelligence Index, Scoring Patient Engagement

COLUMBUS, OH – AUGUST 6, 2014 – Duet Health today released its Patient Intelligence Index, a revolutionary patient engagement scoring system, giving healthcare providers more patient insight than ever before. The Patient Intelligence Index supports the delivery of patient care and connectivity with next generation mobile and web-based technology.

The Patient Intelligence Index (PII) is a comprehensive representation of a patient’s actions, measuring the depth and frequency of their engagement with medical content views, health care protocol views, informational and exercise video views, health journaling, completion of patient satisfaction quizzes and more. The PII demonstrates each patient’s comprehension of relative health information and their behaviors to take an active role in their health.

The Duet Health Patient Intelligence Center visualizes each patient’s score, trending over time, for quick and easy review by care team members. Duet Health clients access this portal and easily view all of their patients’ behaviors as well as group and organizational overviews.

“The Patient Intelligence Index and the trending graph are the result of our team’s efforts, working closely with some of the best doctors in the country”, said Jeff Harper, CEO of Duet Health. “These client partners told us they wanted to change the dialogue with their patients. With limited time between patients, they wanted to be able to walk into a visit and say, “I can see you are not feeling well and last 5 journal logs are telling me why”. The ability to view a patient’s participation in their health and ability to capture patient activities and use this information as an actionable part of the patient care are expectations from the best care teams today, and will be for all healthcare in the future.”

The Patient Intelligence Index is now active for more than 30k patients. The programs deliver personalized experiences for each patient, available as a mobile application and web portal. These patients are using applications branded for their healthcare provider and customized for that provider’s care delivery model – with a user experience and software tool that is powered by Duet Health.

“Duet is using technology to create positive behavior change in patients”, said Harper. “This happens when patient’s and families are empowered with tools, education, and information helping them make decisions and provide direction consistent with their care team’s guidance. The PII was created as a direct feedback loop to the care team, which compliments existing Duet Health programs.”

Duet Health clients use these tools at the Patient level, Service Line level, and Business Line level. “Population Health Management has not had specific patient input metrics because this data in a measurable format has not previously been available”, Harper said. “The PII delivers a measurable impact and change at a patient level and on a group of individuals, focused on their activation in the program.”

About Duet Health 

Duet Health creates healthcare software solutions that help doctors’ educate, monitor and influence patient behavior while enabling patients to take a more active role in their care. The result: greater efficiency increases ease of care delivery, and better health outcomes. Founded in 2009, Duet Health’s clients include OhioHealth, Cardinal Health, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the CDC. For more information visit them at www.duethealth.com or follow them on LinkedIn.