Duet Health App Aims to Improve Patient Care

Something big is happening in health care. “Health care has always focused on what’s wrong with you, and how you got there,” said Jeff Harper, CEO of Duet Health, a Columbus-based mobile software development company. “Duet Health is focused on what happens next.”

Harper and his team of mobile software developers believe they can change the health care industry with their new Duet Health products.

According to a study done by the University of Wisconsin, patients forget 80% of medical information their doctors tell them before walking out of the office. This is a problem Harper and his team is trying to fix with Duet Health.

“What we’ve created is this entire platform for big health systems or small practices to have the same tools so that any doctor with a practice could have the same tools that a big health system has,” said Harper. “And then we can deliver content to patients.”

Andy Sparks, product manager of Duet Health, said the way they view patient care is connecting it to their course of care, as well as their doctor.

“We’re moving towards a completely connected experience from when you’re in the office, to when you’re out of the office; this device becomes your connection to your doctor, and to doctors that’s really exciting.”

Harper explained two big changes happening in health care are the creation of “accountable care organizations,” and “meaningful use,” which requires the education of patients in a meaningful way towards their course of care.

“Nobody could’ve predicted that there would be this much emphasis on education,” he said. “You’re never going to cure some patient’s problems, but you can really tackle a lot of issues just by making sure people are educated.”

Harper said one of the challenges in building the app was taking on the responsibility of handling patient relationships.

“We’ve learned about patients, we have a trusting and respectful relationship, and we treat our patients like gold,” he said. We know that not every outcome in health care is a positive one, so we’ve taken a very conservative approach because we want to trust that patient relationship and we want to embrace it.”

The medical community is already taking notice of Duet Health. Dr. Jennifer Dyer, MD, MPH, a pediatric endocrinologist and the chief medical advisor at Duet Health, said she got involved with Duet Health because of the emphasis placed on the doctor/patient relationship.

“It helps doctors have their patients be more engaged, and if something is really convenient because the phone is always with them and they’re really actively excited about being more involved with their health care, that helps doctors,” she said. “And I think it primarily helps doctors by being a good tool for patients.”

The app hit stores on Friday, February 24 and will be available for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Doctors will be able to purchase it for the flat rate of $480 a year; regardless of how many patients the doctors have using the app.

Harper said his company has worked for the past two years learning about patients through focus groups and other feedback systems, listening to them, talking with them, and otherwise spending an exhaustive amount of time learning about how patients are educated.

“Patient education is not a simple business, and we took a year before we rolled anything out because we wanted to make sure it was right,” he said.

“We know how vital what we’re going to do is to the overall health and wellness of people.”

Duet Health is a Columbus-based mobile software development company founded in 2009 focused on building the industry-leading mobile tools that use technology to deliver customer-focused experiences to any business.

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