From a Different Perspective… We Need More Dumb Ideas

Great blog post! “Wrong thinking is when you intentionally think of the worst idea possible — the exact opposite of the accepted or logical solution, ideas that can get you laughed at or even fired — and work back from those to find new ways of solving old problems.” Kind of like “biochemist Fred Sanger, who was trying to sequence DNA back in the 1970’s. He went at this by trying to do the opposite, building DNA instead of breaking it down. His resulting insights garnered him his second Nobel Prize.” Turn it upside down.

Over the years I’ve listened to many new-to-health-care entrepreneurs pitch their great new idea.  They’re so excited: health care is so inefficient!  People are so frustrated by the system!  It will be so easy to improve it!I usually end up thinking, “Oh, you poor people.  You really don’t know much about health care, do you?”  They don’t fully grasp the strange way it is bought and sold, the convoluted financing, or the layers of regulation.  So I wish them well and wait to hear about their eventual failure.

Source: From a Different Perspective…: We Need More Dumb Ideas