DeliverHealth Patient

The software platform providing award-winning mobile and web applications delivering enhanced outcomes in patient care.

High-Quality User Experiences

Our clients are the world’s leaders in patient care who expect a premium experience for their patients

Platform Capabilities

The Patient Platform provides care teams with the ability to administer their applications in the real-time.

Your Portal

An administrative portal with the ability to manage your programming in real-time.

Cloud hosted by DeliverHealth, your portal provides a wealth of features including app management, messaging, and the analytics capabilities.

Your App

Fully managed applications for your patients and families that continue to grow as the industry does.

These apps are launchpads for all your digital experiences and provide that central point of unification that extends your brand to your consumer.

Feature Rich

Our patient-facing applications are full featured, highly customized, and rapidly evolving to keep pace with consumer patient expectations.

Patient Recorded Data & Outcomes

Content Libraries Supporting Video, Audio, & Image Formats

Robust Survey Options Covering 20+ Question Types

Telehealth Integration

Single & Bi-Directional Messaging Environments

Checklists, Sick Day, & Timeline Driven Formats

Care Team & Location Information

Medication Education & Tracking

Symptom Diaries

Nutrition, Water, & Weight Journals

Integration with Apple HealthKit, Fitbit, & Google Fit

Many More Widgets Available for Immediate Installation

Support & Ongoing Management

DeliverHealth customers are provided high levels of service and support to ensure success is delivered and expectations are exceeded.

Account Management
Project Management
Technical Support
Technical SME Access
Design Support
Included Analytics

Integrations & Partnerships

DeliverHealth has relationships and integrations with healthcare leaders that include opportunities such as: health registry feeds, image connectivity and presentation, electronic health record integration, and more. Talk with us about your ideas and goals for interconnectivity.