Changing Healthcare Communication in 2016

As we ramp up for the new year, let technology help improve the workflow inefficiencies throughout your day. 

Healthcare technology is trying to help solve challenging communication breakdowns by providing software applications for collaboration amongst healthcare professionals. The apps are being designed to take control of already difficult communication processes. Some of this is simply helping professionals find the correct information, but more importantly the technology will increase compliance amongst professionals as a HIPAA-secure communication tool for images, videos, messages, etc.

Duet Professional Software

The Healthcare Professional Communication Tool of 2016

Duet Health realizes the challenges and barriers associated with communicating within the Healthcare setting. Based upon our experience and successful launch of the Duet Professional Software Platform across multiple Health Systems in 2015, our turnkey solution offers the following features and functionality.

Feature Examples:

  • Secure Communication (Secure Text)
  • On Call & Scheduling
  • Directories & Service Offerings
  • Care Algorithms & Protocols
  • Real-time Group Discussions
  • Research & Education
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • News & Updates
  • Rich Media Content
  • Videos & Podcasts
  • User Media Library
  • Care Calculators
  • Internal Integration
  • Analytics & Reporting

Let us demonstrate our ability to send secure text messages, images, and videos between web and mobile on the Duet Platform. Our programs will make your teams more productive and more effective in their roles. Duet is in use today with Physicians, Residents, Information Technology Professionals, Administrators and more.