Are You Ready for the Telemedicine Revolution?

It became a necessity, and (patients are) not going back

Since it’s meteoric adoption and implementation earlier this year, telemedicine and its associated technologies have been commended by both patients and health care workers during the pandemic for its ability to improve nearly all aspects of the patient experience. Telemedicine has, quite simply, revolutionized healthcare (and we don’t care for hyperbole around here).

But revolution comes at a price.  Data security, software maintenance, mobile development; these are just a few of the necessary components that must be managed in order to build a dependable technology infrastructure that will support the telemedicine features that patients want and need. But all of these considerations can be boiled down to one simple question: Is your technology capable of driving patient-care in a post-COVID19 world?

Telemedicine Explodes to the Forefront Amid COVID-19”—U.S. News & World Report; 7/28/20