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Learn more about the Duet Health healthcare platform.
An Accountable Care Organization Resource

Duet Population is the bridge from the hub of information at your ACO to your physicians, practices, and teams delivering and managing your care through hundreds, or thousands, of individual touch points. Duet Population’s ACO tools connect to your data sources and present an easy and opportunistic viewpoint for your team to work more effectively every day.

Duet clients can immediately stop sending ineffective mailings to offices across their Regions and start engaging their teams with real-time connectivity. Data is captured and presented in a personalized and organized way so each office can clearly understand risk and prioritize the most urgent patients. All data is housed in a central location and presented through customized reporting for a clear view of ROI.

The Duet Population platform empowers users to:

  • Access multiple user types such as Physicians, Office Administration, Call Center, and Business Leader.
  • Manage risk score prioritization and organization.
  • Streamline data integration.
  • View detailed analytics.
  • Monitor user intelligence centers.
  • Create reports on a per user basis through NPI#s and Tax IDs and population levels through user types.
  • Scale to thousands of offices and hundreds of thousands of patients.
  • Discover patient-level gaps and view updates in real-time.
Learn more about the Duet Health healthcare platform.
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