1 million downloads and counting…

One million is a lot of anything.  A person can walk from Chicago to Kansas City in one million steps or fly around the world 40 times with one million miles. So, when a single app from just a single health system alone surpasses one million patient downloads, we think it’s time to acknowledge and honor our client Advocate Aurora Health and their LiveWell app for achieving this milestone of success this week.

But one million of anything doesn’t happen all at once, and rarely by itself.  Built and supported by Duet Health in partnership with Advocate Aurora Health, the LiveWell app was less than two and a half years old when it hit one million active patient users this week. While Duet has been fortunate enough to win a number of awards over the years on behalf of their clients, this achievement feels bigger and more meaningful in so many ways.

This is not just a defining moment for the Advocate Aurora and Duet Health teams, but a significant signal event about the future growth of patient care.  When one million people download your app, you must stop and take a moment to realize something big is happening.  You have touched a cord and found something in or about the app that resonates with your patient consumer and leading to over 34 thousand LiveWell reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars and is currently the #7 ranked healthcare app in the Apple App store.  

This week’s LiveWell milestone also serves as a testament to the Advocate Aurora Health team. From day one of this project, Advocate Aurora Health was fully committed to a technology that would help better ensure the long-term wellbeing of their patients through the LiveWell app.  This meant working together with the Duet Health team as we continually improved every facet of LiveWell in order to deliver the best experience for every one of their consumer patients today and into the future.

We’re not stopping to enjoy this feat for long, however.  With over 10 years of experience in patient-facing healthcare technology, we know that the future is only getting brighter for opportunities to provide your organization’s patients with the kind of patient experience that can achieve one million downloads as well.

At Duet Health, we are a trusted and experienced partner that can help you and your organization traverse the technology challenges of today, but also prepare you for the unforeseen obstacles ahead by providing you the told you need to provide a better patient experience, outcome, and organizational benefits that will allow you to grow confidently into the future.