An Innovative & Award-Winning Patient Experience

Duet was created to solve the problem

that 80% of patients leave the doctor's office and are not able to remember what they were told before they reach their car. The staggering impact of the uneducated patient / consumer creates significant challenges systemically for each organization and impacts their outcomes, readmission rates, satisfaction and other critical success factors.

The Duet Patient Platform allows users to...

  • Use surveys and provide patient feedback.
  • Track patient recorded data & outcomes.
  • Learn from focused patient education videos, podcasts, images and text.
  • Record care, nutrition, activity & therapy in journals.
  • Set and personalize multiple family member profiles.
  • Receive advanced messaging, intelligent notifications & reminders.
  • Set medication trackers reminders.
  • Find care team and location information.


"Mt. Carmel is using the Duet Patient platform to prevent readmission by having patients fill out daily care journals to keep care team members informed of their well-being."

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