Intelligent, Advanced Communication Models

Duet is a solution to inefficient and ineffective communication in healthcare.

When Duet started, there was more technology available than ever before, but nothing that addressed the most pressing pain points in the industry.

The Duet mission has continued to evolve to provide comprehensive web and mobile technology to enhance healthcare relationships, improve patient outcomes, and create substantial ROI through superior technology.

The Original Duet Health Thesis (2011)

Guiding Principles

1. Devliver in consumable units, avoid overloading information

2. Visualize the concepts to improve understanding and recall

3. Structure and organize the information.

4. Provide reminders and updates to help interrupt busy lives.

Duet delivers lots of high-value media content (videos, pictures, images, podcasts) to users daily through their mobile devices as well as their desktop seamlessly because this is what today's users expect. With a proven methodology, Duet is being presented across the country as a solution to help advance each organization's ability to utilize communication to empower Patients and Care Teams.

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